Thursday, March 20, 2014


What does 2 days of cleaner eating get me? A better attitude, a better mood, a lighter overall feeling, and an overall better sense of well being.

And notice I said *cleaner.*

As in, not completely clean but I'm paying attention. It started with my quarterly physician visit Monday. "Pom," she says (I love how she pronounces my name and soothes me the way she gently tells me to get with the program), "Pom, what are you eating for breakfast?" As we go through my typical day, she reminds me to have protein with each meal. She wants me to start the day off with 10g at breakfast and 70g overall. I'm already feeling better. I'm having trouble getting 70g of protein and staying under my calorie range- something I won't have to worry about when summer comes and I eat mostly vegetables and fruits. BUT it's day 2, right? I'm still tweaking it.

Why can't I remember this feeling? Why do I seek comfort any other way?

Yes, I tell myself, it's much easier to eat cleaner in the summer. All the markets with fresh produce is everywhere. I've always had a penchant for being vegetarian but never could make the complete leap...mostly because it's easy in the summer, not so much in the winter.

Then it occurred to me...maybe I need to be a seasonal vegetarian. I'm going to work on that this year. That's gotta be better than resorting to junk food in the winter. I would still like to forgo meat but we'll see. I'm going to map it out this year.

But mostly?

I'm going to pay attention. Mindfulness, after all, makes the biggest difference in the world.

**In other news, vernal equinox at noon, ey? I think we'll take a walk outside to celebrate. Happy spring ya'll. It's my favorite season of all.  

Playing around with a watercolor app.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

recapping and mapping

It's been crazy, busy. I mean if running around like a maniac counted as exercise, I'm #1 on the leader board. Unfortunately the "maniac part," means I was stressed. I organized a talent show and live baked goods auction...which doesn't sound so bad... but think about the deadlines that nobody cared about and the calls I got up until the night before and you can imagine how stressed I got. Programs people! Trying to organize the actual show, with another emcee, judges, and an auctioneer that needed to know what was going on too. OH! and awards! I need to get those ordered. AND? And, I have a full-time job.

But. It's all good. I'm not complaining. It's all for the kids, teachers, and we raised a good little bit for the PTO while we were at it.

Paddles for the auction.

Programs (people)!

Thank you gifts for the judges.

We followed that with the cub scouts' rain boat regatta last night.

Wonder Boy's boat.

All good fun. I'm ready for Spring Break. I need some downtime. We have one hike scheduled but for the most part we're going to keep it low key.

Yesterday, I had my quarterly appointment with my doc. Everything was mostly good. My tryglycerides are still high but my bad cholesterol is in range. My HDL could be a little higher. My liver, kidneys, sugars, and blood counts are great. My B12 and D are low. She also informed me I'm not getting enough protein. We talked about some actions and habits I can start right away. And I did.

Today, I started off with an egg, half of a grilled avocado, and a coffee with steamed milk and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Oh, and a rose. My dear sweet friend presented me with a beautiful flower at the talent show Saturday. Isn't it gorg?!

Yeah so, my doctor says I need 70g of protein per day for my ideal weight. My vitamin D has been low for sometime. I get out in the sun every day so I still have to supplement. I've been taking that Maximum D3 twice a week. I think I'm going to lower the dosage per capsule and start taking it every day. I was on B12 a couple of years ago but recovered pretty quickly and stopped taking it. She gave me some pointers on how to maintain that after I recover from the lull.

None of this is a surprise to me. Our conversations fall along these lines during each visit. The good news is that she says something a little differently or I ask a question that sheds a different light on the answers and BAM, a little light bulb goes off in my head.

And finally, are you still with me? I'm finally addressing my hurt shoulder. I've been treating it with home remedies and anti-inflammatories but I think it's time for the orthopedic. I'm dreading this because I have a feeling it's going to need an MRI. Although my insurance is good in a catastrophe (which that's what it's for), the little things add up with my enormous deductible.

Some goals:
Work on getting protein (not just from animal protein, by golly!)
Work out a different vitamin supplement plan
Walk on a more consistent DAILY basis
WATER! I've been going to bed very thirsty lately.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

blocked and delivered

Just a small crafty update. I had 2 friends graduate nursing school last year and let them choose the yarn, project, and pattern for their graduation gifts. I'm happy to announce they're finally completed, delivered and looking good. I'm so proud of these two ladies for their accomplishments. They both have children to take care of and still managed to go back to school for a dream and a different life. Both of these beautiful ladies are so inspiring.

She now wants a matching scarf. Since she cuts my hair, we're trading a scarf for 2 haircuts. More projects for the queue! Oh, and Wonder Boy wants a beret now. Love!

(I may have shared this one already. I delivered this one last month but took it back to fix the pointy top. I re-delivered yesterday.)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

on a roll

On a roll...or at least trying to work off that roll. Yesterday I got my 2000 mile badge and later that day I got my UFO badge. I've climbed 14,000 flights of stairs.

It's been so long since I've received a badge and now I'm getting a bunch at once. Which means it will be a long while again. I can shoot for the most flights of stairs in one day next. I guess that's feasible. Right now, my record is 200 flights in one day. The next badge is 300 flights. I think I mentioned that as a goal a month or two ago so I guess it's time to revisit that notion.

By the way, have you heard about the fitbit force problems? Eeeegad. Apparently, a lot of force (the wristband) users are breaking out in horrible rashes after 2 or 3 charges. I hope the people can recover easy enough AND I hope fitbit can find the problem and recover from the hit. I really like their company. And I love my fitbit, although thankful I didn't upgrade to the force, tempting as it was. My skin's so sensitive that even thinking about any kind of metal alloy or other skin irritation (they're not sure of the cause yet) is enough to make me break out.

Anywho, this morning was more great hiking weather. The snow was coming down really hard and we had a light dusting everywhere. Enough to linger on the trees. I love how that looks. It reminds of my favorite Ansel Adams photograph. Sadly though, it was all gone by the end of our hike. It was gorgeous!

Wonder boy wanting the snow to stick SO bad.

Another beautiful day!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2000 miles bay-beeee!

YAY! I got my 2000 mile badge this morning. I thought I had a few hundred miles left but I was wrong. I love being wrong. Well, sometimes.

I had another lovely, albeit shorter hike this morning. I think I'm still set for 10,000 steps today. It was a beautiful but soggy, muddy morning. I tried to pick what I thought would be the driest trail but I'm not so sure I did.

Just a little shoe kvetch...
My outdry shoes are no longer waterproof as I've worn the bottoms as well as a couple of holes in the side. If you remember, I was excited about a deal from Zulily on some shoes I had my eye on for sometime. Big. Fail. Man, I haven't been happy with a fitness shoe purchase in quite some time, at least 3 years. I'm talking major foot pain. I took them on the 50,000 step day after breaking them in around the house. I was achy but not anymore than last time. Then a few days later, I walked 10,000 steps and couldn't walk on my right heel for a day and a half. They'll be a good studio shoe (but not labeled as such) so I'll keep them for when I do videos at home. Then, get this...I've had another pair of runners in my shopping cart and I checked on them yesterday. They went up $20. 20!! Eeegad. And yes, I've been to one of those running stores where they evaluate you. I didn't feel any better about that purchase than the others- even after exchanging the shoes 2 times. 

Oy and sigh. But it's all good. I'll be walking one way or another. I just hope I can get it together before hiking the next section of the Silver Comet Trail. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

i ❤ winter

Much to do about nothing but this is this blog's 300th post. Weee!

I really do love winter. I have to admit that last week I was less appreciative of the winter when it was 1ยบ. That was tough. I think most of us southerners prefer our winters not to dip below the 30s. Very thankful it didn't get as cold as it did up North. I might have just hunkered under several layers of comforters and hibernated.

The bitter cold only lasted 2 days and although my love didn't waver, I was very thankful for the return of 'regular' winter around here. The 30s and 40s feel so balmy comparatively so.

We enjoyed this weekend in many ways. One included taking the kids to an all ages show of Abbey Road Live, a Beatles cover band. They were awesome. They played Abbey Road from the first song to the last and then they took requests for the 2nd half of  the show. Good, good stuff.

We were a little early so the kids entertained themselves with some selfies. I entertained myself by photo bombing them.

My steps have been lacking...mostly because I keep forgetting my fitbit. After wearing it everyday since I got it, you would think it's quite the habit. BUT as of late, I keep misplacing it. Steps don't count unless their tracked, right? Heheh.

Anywho, this morning's walk was sublime. I love the views the bare woods afford, the lack of spiderwebs, clear paths with naturally composting leaves, the birds, and the wet streams (that are usually dry in the summer).

This morning was no exception. I enjoyed a lovely 4 mile hike and tried out my new meditation app in a streamy, dreamy, rocky, fairyland.

A great place to try the Fast Break meditation app. There's a stream that's not always there and plenty of rocks to sit or lie on.

Feeling good and having to return to my work day, I came home and made a small pot of green tea and a snack. Feeling content.

Looks like my next section of the Silver Comet Trail will be hiked with my friend at the end of February. I'm going to be more prepared this time- like never before. I'm thinking of doing a marathon training schedule but with walking.

In other news, I'm really excited for the next 5% challenge (lose 5% of my current weight) starting January 18th. Heeyyy 5 percenters! Let's rock it. Let's all rock it, whatever it is we're doing.

Monday, January 6, 2014

50000!! we did it. with a bonus.

I can't believe it but I got 50,000 steps Saturday!! I thought it would be around 45,000 but at dinner I looked at my fitbit and I had like 48,800 so I knew I had to go for it. I was already extremely tired, achy, and cold but I had to do it. So, we took a lap around the shopping center where we ate. I took the the long way around when I stopped for a potty break on the way home. And finally, I had a little bit left when I got home so I took one doggie for a short walk. I over shot it a little bit as we weren't quite home from the walk but whoot there-it-is!

I seem to be the queen of crappy pictures lately.

I really wanted to get 50,000 before the year's end but realized after my 45,000 step day in October that I still had more work to do to get to that point. That 45,000 step day was about 4 miles too long, heheh. BUT, 50,000 is a great way to start the year. Saturday felt like it was about 2-3 miles too long so that's an improvement.

The next section of the Silver Comet Trail will be about 14 or 15 miles. Again, we'll be scheduling that for 4-6 weeks out. We should have the trail complete in 2 more trips. Then we'll have 2 more trips to continue the trail across the border in Alabama on the Chief Ladiga Trail. That's about 33 miles. When all is said and done? A total of 94 miles.

I'm looking forward to it with joyous anticipation.