Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new year resolutes

Well Being

  • hike once a week
  • drink more water
  • recommit my Yoga practice
  • exercise daily
  • walk to Chicago challenge
  • perform on RAOK a month
  • visit the Unitarian Universalist in Chattanooga
I set up a Walk to Chicago challenge on FB to challenge a bunch of friends to walk the equivalent of 632 miles, from Fort Payne, AL to Chicago, IL. I haven't walked consistently or tracked my mileage since October. That changes this week.
  • ask for holiday benefits or a raise
Create - make time for it everyday
  • knit new dishcloths
  • knit baby cardigan for Tammy/Brittney
  • knit cardigan for me
  • knit for holiday market 2012
  • quiet
  • flute, take it up again. make it better
  • bed earlier/up earlier
  • daily house maintenance/keeping
  • listening, meditating, painting, sewing, exercise, baking... they all improve with daily practice
  • hiking shoes & walking shoes
  • casual pants
  • bras
  • jeans
  • blue canary in a light switch who watches over me
  • new office chair with lumbar support
  • new filing cabinet
I don't know when keeping myself clothed got to be such a chore. But the thought of having to shop wears me down.
Scheduling creative time honors its worth.
Scheduling time with people I love honors relationships
Last bit of "practice" and  2 reminders were lifted from a blog I read. Will update link for credit when I find it!

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