Saturday, June 30, 2012

the journey, the destination is the same

In my quest to lead a more healthy, enlightened life, I have rededicated my efforts in getting my extra weight off and being more active on a consistent basis. I recently joined SparkPeople. It's free and has loads of information, challenges, and goals. It's quite motivating. I'm also inspired by smaller sarah. In fact, I started following her last year June/2011 when she began her journey. I was doing very well myself at the time. Eating whole foods, walking regularly, and attending a Hot Yoga class a few times a month. I felt great and was down nearly 20 pounds at the end of the summer.

Then school started, and so did the stress. I couldn't keep up with my full time job even though I work from home as well as all my PTO commitments for my son's small community school and my church obligations. The school is one of the few remaining of its kind and heavily relies on the community and PTO to make ends meet and make a better place for the kids to learn and support the wonderful teachers. It's a fantastic community and I wouldn't trade it but I haven't found my balance with it... yet. Don't get me wrong, I CHOOSE to do these things, I just haven't found the recipe for balance that I need.

In addition to the stress, I find it harder to live off of whole foods in the Winter. I know I can. I know it's possible... but.. meh? It's not as good as the Spring, Summer, and beginning of Fall months. Exercise? Not a problem. In fact, I prefer to exercise in the cold. You know. Within reason. One time I went out when it was 9 and I think a small part of me died. BUT that's not the norm and I now know better not to go out then.

So Sarah, from smaller sarah (motivator previously mentioned), has reached her 1 year goal of losing 75 pounds in one year. She did it. She's awesome and I thank her for it. Because dangit, she inspires me. But it also reminds me of how well I was doing this time last year and how poorly I'm doing now. That changes now. Actually, I started making changes in May when I started Sheila's awesome trail workouts once a week (more on that on a later post). So, the documentation of my changes ... starts now. 

More than anything, I want to feel spiritually enlightened. I can't do that with an unhealthy body. The whole of me needs to vibrate on a different level. Not just my mind but my whole body as one with the Universe, with God.

Some challenges that I will be addressing in this blog include (but SO not limited to): hypothyroid, a multitude of allergies, high triglycerides, a family history I will not subscribe to, losing touch with motivation and how to get it back, etc.

Up tomorrow... my modified recipe for Chai Tea Latte Recipe. Yum!

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