Friday, July 20, 2012


Yesterday was a great, energizing day. I participated in my normal Wednesday morning trail workout. My trainer takes great care to make sure I'm entirely whipped by the end. She is awesome. One of my highlights of this weekly workout is time spent with my friend Moon. She's a natural force to be reckoned with. I admire her on so many levels. We get to talk for about 10 seconds at the beginning of the hike before she's 1/4 mile ahead of me (and I'm trucking along pretty good but she just bolts. She can even hike barefoot...even writing a book about why we all should. Connect to the Earth and all that. BUT I digress...)

Today was different. I'm having trouble with a certain part of my exercise... I sweat ferociously and smell like ammonia (that's a whole other post). We talked about it for awhile and decided maybe some yellow root would be in order to help with digestion. So, we got to hike after the workout a bit more to find some.

She said something that really struck me. She says she has to remind herself that when she eats it's to nourish her body... not to have fun. Or something to that effect. My next thought was, well dang eating is fun. What's else am I going to do....OHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh. Then it hit me. The AHa as it were.

I need to find different ways to have fun. So that's my new ambition.


Blessed by:
~Wednesday trail workouts. Full body through and through.
~Plenty of water.
~Good friends.
~A playdate for little man. He had so much fun.
~Nutritious food.
~First hair cut in months.
~Finished all my work unexpectedly and got the day off.

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