Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the big duh...

I've been hungry. Not bored. Not emotional. I mean, my stomach is growling and I'm on the verge of a headache, grumpy kind of hungry but overall I'm still feeling better than before... If that makes any sense. So anywho, today I was tracking my fitness and noticed a link at the bottom... something to the effect of, "it may seem counterintuitive but if you're not eating enough to keep up with fitness you may stall your weight loss."

So yeah, that's why, although reluctantly, I started tracking my nutrition last week. I felt like I wasn't eating enough. Like I mentioned before, I try to keep tracking to a minimum because I tend to be obsessive about it. To the point I feel a little out of my mind. I'm starting to think obsessive might not be that bad.

I tracked for almost a week, keeping to the lower end of the calorie range. Then today I see that link and followed it. I readjusted my fitness and my nutritional calories shot up 400 calories. I need to be eating 400 calories MORE than I've been doing these last 2 weeks. That will be quite an adjustment. I just can't believe it took me that many days to notice especially with the hunger pangs. Well, yes I can. is SO awesome for catching that. Love it. The fact of the matter is that I was already walking pretty regularly before trying to lose weight [again]. My metabolism requires at least 24 miles a week just to maintain. I hardly ever get the exercise and the eating regimen right at the same time. This time will be different.

I feel I've been doing pretty good in spite of this snafu so I'm rewarding myself with a group hike on a new-to-me trail this weekend. It should be about 5 miles with super views. Can't wait.

A friendly sort of fellow I met on my walk today. I met 2. This turtle and a lovely 88 yo man who told me some great stories. It made my walk take a little longer but a whole lot more enjoyable. 

Yesterday's I did its:
~Walked about 4.6 miles (4 miles at a 3.92 mph and .6 a lot more leisurely with the doggies)
~ 96+ oz of cucumber water
~1 hour on the stability ball while working
~fun time swim with the boy and even managed a couple of back flips off the diving board.

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