Monday, July 23, 2012

checking in

This weekend was full of outdoors, hiking, catching up on work before vacay, and of course lots of laying around in between. This week's weigh-in blessed me with a 3+ pound weight loss. I'm very pleased. More importantly, I'm really starting to notice a difference. I'm at a total of 8 lbs now.

Today's highlight was 3.5 mile hike on the Gilliam loop (Desoto State Park in Fort Payne, AL). This bike trail was carved out and finished some time last year. I went on it before it was done and today I got to do the whole loop. Nice to change it up every once in awhile.

Blessed by:
~enjoyment of my iced chai latte.
~about 12 mile of walking or hiking since my last post.
~loving family and doggies
~anticipation of vacation.
~lots and lots of water
~ nutritious meals and a husband who not only cooks for me but let's me do my measuring and planning like I need to.
~ day camp for little man, Westley. Hope he's having a blast.
~ my looking forward to Yoga with friends tonight on the brow of the mountain.

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