Saturday, July 7, 2012

doing it national park style

Today, I forwent the state park and headed to the National Park. It was a lovely morning. We drove passed Little River Falls to the hippie hole parking lot. We hiked in and I left the Walrus and the boy at the hippie hole and I hiked to the right back toward Little River Falls.

They had fun jumping and swimming and I hoofed it to the falls. At the falls, I talked to the ranger and found out they did a lot more on the trail to the canyon center. I headed over the bridge around and under to the new path and walked all the way to the canyon center.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of this:

And a whole lot of this:

I returned after about a 3 mile roundtrip to enjoy a breezy hippie hole. I was oh-so-soaked but not from swimming. Wishing I could but trying to follow doctor's orders and not get my booboos in the rivers or lakes until they completely healed. Got to watch the boy jump a few more before hiking back out of the canyon. A lovely morning was had by all. 

A good time was had by all. I love living in a place that affords me the luxury or working out in such beauty. 

Friday's "I did its:"
~drank 9+ glasses of water
~sat on stability whilst working for an hour
~walked 4.2 miles in 64 minutes, 36 stepups (each leg), 36 tricep dips, 36 modified pushups, 36 crunches (3 sets varied). Walked additional mile in the evening to walk the doggies.
~20 minute evening yoga before bed.
~Eating: Poorly Well Best (Only a little in the best since I ate fried catfish. It's become our tradition to participate in First Friday's fish fry to support One World Adventure Co (non-profit org to give area kids the privilege of summer camp. They do super work.) But I planned for it and ate lots of veggies and water beforehand.

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