Monday, July 16, 2012

equipment furnished by the national park service

Had a wonderful hike on Saturday (not NPS but actually the city of Cartersville, GA). Pine Mountain was scenic, challenging, and sublime; about 4.5 miles round trip. Once I found out where it was, I was afraid it was too close to the city. But no matter, it's just far enough away to make the city feel like an ant.

Met a lady that did the El Camino last year. May have to set my sights on that in the future.
We took the east and west loop and up the Archer overlook.

The whomping willow in GA? (it neither whomped or willowed)

Overlooking Lake Allatoona

Sunday was another glorious day. Repeat of 2 weeks ago. Dropped off the family at Martha's Falls (aka the Hippie Hole) and then I hiked to the canyon center and back using the National Park Service (NPS) as my gym.

Phooey, can't get the pic to turn in blogger. BUT logs are great for raised one leg squats. I had 2 in a row, so on the way there and back made 4 sets of 12, each leg.

Incline pushups behind the Canyon Center. Step ups on the concrete benches in the distance. Tricep dips on the picnic tables around the corner.

Followed by some swimming at the hippie hole at the bottom of the canyon. Swimming never felt so refreshing. All in all, a great weekend.
The Walrus & Buttercup about to jump off the cliff at the hippie hole.

Blessed by:
~Lots and lots of exercise in the great outdoors.
~loving family
~ good doggies
~healthy menu of moderation
~plenty of water
~great attitude
~dear Buttercup teaching us how to play Mexican Train
~good reads: The Spark (and many more to come)

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