Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday's walk was nice. I intended to take it easy but once I was out there, I felt invigorated. It was a beautiful day the temperature was breezy and 70s-ish. I did some intervals between utility poles and did stepups, tricep dips, and incline pushups. No equipment, so to speak just using some big rocks on the side of the road. Then I had to get myself back to work. Hohum. But it's all good. Always. Good.

Blessed by:
~a soaring eagle above my path.
~8+ glasses of water
~a nutritious menu
~3 mile walk/jog
~husband returning after long business trip
~visit from Buttercup (lovely stepdaughter) this weekend
~excitement for Buttercup. We're sending her to camp Monday. She gets to hike, kayak, perform a bunch of water tests on Little River and real camping. I'm envious but living vicariously on this one.

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