Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The theme for the last 2 days is GLORIOUS. Absolutely glorious. Last night, I practiced Yoga with some truly amazing people and made a new friend. My friend that told me about this was nowhere to be found so I mustered up my courage and went anyway, not knowing anyone. We practiced on the brow of Lookout Mountain to the setting sun. It was wondrous and to top it off, I only embarrassed myself once...

I forget what it's called but it's the move you get into before plow, shoulder stand maybe? Anywho, I got into it no problem but I couldn't get my self out. Not sure if that's worse than one time last year, I discovered a hole in my hiney-ho after a mostly inverted class. Ah well. Deep breath, moving on. But I digress. I often do. My whole life is one big digression.

I learned something new...Sun gazing. You stare at the sun when it's at a safe angle and absorb it's energy. I haven't watched the sun completely set in a really long time. I enjoyed it immensely.

I can't believe I didn't take any pictures.

TODAY, I woke up and couldn't decide where to hike. So I said to the boy, maybe I'll just do what I did yesterday (Gilliam Loop) since Shine (doggie #3) could run off leash there. He suggested I do it backwards today (not walking backwards, just taking the trail the opposite way). I said, "Brilliant!" BUT, I got distracted (as I often do) after dropping little man off at day camp. On the way out from Desoto Falls, I spotted a trail. A trail I've never taken. So, I did that instead. It was GLORIOUS! The views were sublime, the rock formations were breathtaking and I finally reached a ledge where you can see Desoto Falls straight on. I always wondered how people got their pictures from this angle. Today I found it. I had no phone. No camera. No pictures. But I have the feeling and the memory and sometimes that's just as good.

It was these falls... SO not my pic. But this was today's vantage point. We only get that much water in the rainy season. We've gotten a lot of rain this July so it was flowing pretty good, just not this good.


Grateful for:
~lots of fun exercise.
~nutritious food (although I had a bit of choco yesterday, grateful for that too)
~tomorrow's trail workout
~a boy who's having fun in the great outdoors (rock climbing yesterday, can't wait to find out what today is)

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