Tuesday, July 17, 2012

same song, my tune

Saturday's weigh in was a bit of a disappointment. I gained .4 lbs. Certainly not expected this early in the game, yet I expected it. I wrote about it last week when I happened to notice a link at the bottom of my nutrition tracker that I wasn't eating enough for the activity I was doing. And I like activity. I'm not slowing down on that front (overall slowing down that is. Today I will take it easy). So yeah, adding 400 calories more in the middle of the week effected my weight loss for now but in the long run should be much better for me. I feel less dense and overall feeling well. I think it just might translate to a bigger loss this coming week. Bring it on.

Speaking of activity, I'm exhausted from head to toe. I'm REALLY taking it easy today. Last week I said that on 1 or 2 occasions but then I got an unexpected burst of energy and  did a longer/faster walk, extra pushups, etc. I won't give in to any bursts of energy today, if they rear their pretty heads. Today, I foresee 1 or 2 20-minute naps, 3 20-minute Yoga blips (morning, afternoon, and evening), and a 10 minute video for a challenge I'm doing.

Thankful for:
~Lots and lots of water
~3+ mile hike with a one of my good doggies
~A healthy menu (including a roasted avocado with melted Gruyere on top, oh. my. yum. I have leftover for lunch today)
~a flexible job
~rain and sunshine
~allergy relief
~a loving husband, son, and stepdaughter
~good friends (one came over yesterday. She just lost 75# and is doing c25k and needed help stretching, so we blahblahblahed and stretched together. Good times.)

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