Friday, July 6, 2012

thursday's hike

Introducing the reason I can't join a gym. Why would I do that when Mother Nature can kick my derriere? Heh.

Quality time with a poochie poo.

Looking  a bit flushed. 
3 miles of vigorous vigor makes this girl and her doggie feel good.

Yesterday's "I did it"
~sat on stability ball for 30 minutes whilst working
~20 minutes of Evening Yoga. Ahhh
~drank 10+ glasses of water
~Hiked 3+ miles
~wrote a message to a friend I haven't talked to in awhile.
~managed to work 8 hours (no small feat these days, lemme tell ya)
~started using SparkPeople's food tracker even though I resisted. I tend to get too bogged down with numbers and eventually get obsessed but lately I haven't been able to eat enough calories to offset my workouts so I thought I better look.

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