Monday, August 20, 2012


That's the way I would describe this weekend. Amazing. Ahhhh-MAY-ziinnnnng! Tonight, the whole family went to yoga on the brow. The Walrus (husband) and Westley (the boy) wanted to join me. Nobody else showed up. Not even the teacher. Weird. So we laid out on our mats and blankets, played hangman, relaxed and talked. We did a couple of sun salutations and then watched the entire sunset as a family. When we returned home, we took the doggies for a nighttime walk. Did you see tonight's moon? It was HUGE! I've never seen the waxing crescent moon big like that before. It was quite magical. Absolutely amazing. What a great way to bring in my 41st year. 

On the way home, I see my friend Ruth walking by herself on the side of the road. Ruth is the yoga teacher's mother. I asked if she was okay and if she needed a ride. She was a bit flustered but happily took the ride. Apparently, she and her son, the yoga teacher, went canoeing on Little River. They had a mishap and capsized near the falls. She got overwhelmed and left, she would walk home, thank you very much. So that's why they didn't show up for Yoga on the brow. It's all good though. They're ok and that's the way of Little River. She doesn't care about your plans. You're at her mercy.

So, that's tonight. What about my weekend? 

As I've mentioned earlier, I like to reward myself with activities that I deem fun. I love Yoga, I love hiking, I love doing them both together. So sometimes I reward myself with these activities when it costs money. Sometimes it's a special hot yoga class, sometimes it's a guided hike. Some hiking friends of mine are doing several fundraisers for CureSearch's Ultimate Hike. Much like the Avon 3-day, they raise a beaucoup of money and participate in a 28 mile hike. In one day. 1! So, I found myself with the day off from all my normal obligations and hiking with some good friends.

We spent the first half of the day hiking the Western Rim of Cloudland Canyon. About 5.7 miles. We had a cookout and proceeded on a waterfall tour for another 1.97 miles. The 2 miles possessed 1200 steps according to the website. So totaled 7.67 miles, 132 flights of stairs (as high as the World's Tallest Bridge), and 21,000+ steps.

I'm curious. What do you find fun?

Of course rewards don't have to cost anything. We all hike together lots without raising any money. is a great way to find people in your area who like the same activities as you.

Our cookout area.

The view before our hike and after a very cooling rain.

Self portrait.  Not my good side but me, nonetheless.

Looking upon a town, somewhere in Georgia.

My sun shot. 

Hiking down to the falls.

Just a few of my hiking friends, me on the right.

Some hiking friends down yonder on part of the 1200 steps.
So, with all the excitement this weekend, I completely forgot to weigh in. I guess I can count that as a non-scale-victory. I haven't focused on the scale at all this summer. I'm probably still holding at 187. BUT it's the strongest, healthiest 187 I've ever seen.

Peace, love, & light. Be good.

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