Tuesday, August 28, 2012

do you nap?

I love to nap. I think I do it just about every day. I can do it for 20 minutes without an alarm. My mind gets foggy and then I just can't keep my eyes open anymore, I state my intention to wake up in 20 minutes. Usually, I wake up between 15-21 minutes later. I don't think I could function properly without a nap.

In fact, years ago, when I used to work in a big office building with cubicles and subsequently sat a desk and computer all day, I still napped. Around 2 o'clock, I would go over to a co-worker's cubicle, crawl under her desk and nap on a bean bag. It was great. Some people took smoke breaks, I would nap. It worked. I was alert for the rest of the day and my long commute home. It's much easier to nap and nap comfortably now that I telecommute from home.

I think it helps with brain fog, good feelings, curbing hunger, and equalizing my moods. Napping also helps with dealing with stress. It's a great stress reliever. Sleep always is, even better if you practice lucid dreaming (more for my night-time sleeping): The practice of realizing you're dreaming while you're dreaming so you can control the dream. You can roll play, act out scenarios, or just escape by flying over the earth and through the clouds.

There's a fantastic article, Eleven Guilt-Free Benefits of Taking a Nap + Eight famous nappers in The Elephant Journal.

I'm just waiting for my genius to take hold with all my napping. Ah well, maybe tomorrow. ;-)

I'm curious, do you nap? What's your favorite method for dealing with stress? Any other techniques you use to add balance to your day? I want to know.

The best nappers I know.

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