Sunday, August 5, 2012

happy to be back on track with my trackers

Officially day 1 after vacation, and I'm back on track. I'm uber happy about this. Usually vacations derail me so I'm feeling good about still being motivated. Can't decide what to do for fitness today but that's the lovely thing about Sundays. No plans...usually.

My views on my Florida walks were quite different. This one is from about 7 in the morning.  The thing about Florida's flat there. I have to remember to keep up my speed since I don't have any hills to get my heart rate going. It was lovely nevertheless. I walked to the park and used the park benches for incline pushups, tricep dips, and step ups. I think the walk was a little less than 4 miles. I can't wait to get a good pedometer. The Walrus just ordered one for me for my upcoming birthday. I tried a cheap $5 pedometer last year. It was pretty accurate in the beginning but after about a week it would add about .25 miles and 2000 steps to the same distance EVERY day it would increase by that much. I think I was up to about 75000 steps after the first month. HA!

Blessed by:
~ A wonderful Florida vacation. Got to see a coast I've never been to before.
~ A visit with lots of family of whom we don't get to see very much.
~New faces and scenery
~Alone time with the Walrus
~Good family time at the end of the week
~Lots of water
~Lots of exercise
~A desire to track my nutrition upon my return and the accompanying motivation that goes with such a desire.

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