Sunday, August 12, 2012

hikety hike hike

My next reward is scheduled-- I've been gearing up for the Cloudland Hike-A-Thon this coming Saturday. Doing no less than 3 miles a day, today I upped my challenge to 7.44 miles. My fitbit said it was the equivalent to climbing the World's Tallest Tent. Pretty cool, huh? I only have 4 more flights of stairs to get to the next tallest thing. Heheh.

Today, the family (including doggies) and I parked at the Lost Falls trailhead and hiked the Never Neverland bypass (1.97 miles). The guys and doggies loaded back up and went home. I continued through the CCC Quarry, across to the campground, down to the old contact station (the old entrance to Desoto State Park), back to road to walk home. I was very tired at this point and didn't think I could make it the next 2 miles home. So, I called the Walrus to come pick me up. I walked almost a mile more before he showed up (totaling the 7.44 miles). And not a moment too soon. Excuse my crude scan, the map has been in my backpack a long time. This map is a little old and not to scale so I had to draw in the Never Neverland bypass.

I realize I can't call to be saved on Saturday's hike but that hike is about 5.5 miles and purportedly a moderate hike. We will be breaking for a cookout and then we have the option of continuing further or calling it quits. I'm definitely ready for the 5.5 moderate hike. I'm hoping to make all of if after our break.

I'm really looking forward to it. It's a deep canyon area. Been out there to look over some ledges and bumble around but never hiked there. I love new places so I can't wait.

Grateful for:
~ New friends that influence me in such a way to become more of the person I want to be.
~ My intro to Permaculture class last evening. Can't wait to learn more.
~ Quality family time and with the doggies.
~Beautiful weather.
~Yoga on the brow of the mountain, just one day away.

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