Thursday, August 30, 2012

it really is always a good day

Loving days with good news and good times.

I've been going broke treating my allergies for the last several years. Today, I had my follow-up with my allergist and found out my medication that was costing $120 for a 90 supply just went down to $15 for a 90 day supply. They finally went generic! $15!!! for 90!!! I'm so relieved and so is my wallet. I've been off this med for about 4 weeks because I keep cringing at the thought of reordering and subsequently, have been feeling the full effects of my allergies. Happy day.

On top of that, tomorrow I have an appointment to learn about how essential oils can help what ails me. I'm super excited about that. Good stuff.

Tonight was my last yoga class for the year with the delightful Marcus. His mother bought a campground here and he has spent the last several months helping her get it up and running. Now, it is time for him to head back home to Miami. He promises to be back in the Spring so I'll have to see where my practice takes me in the meantime. I'm a little sad but my heart is full and overjoyed at the opportunities this will bring and will look forward to his return.

I was excited too because on the way to the brow for yoga, my little man said he wanted to participate today. When we got there, he setup with his blanket, took off his shoes, and promptly changed his mind. He was very good though and hiked around and played on the rocks but I was really hoping he would join us today. But, no matter, on the way home he asked if we could practice some of the poses together by ourselves. It warms a momma's heart. So grateful.

Hope you were able to find joy in your day.


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