Thursday, August 23, 2012

life is beautiful

"Life is beautiful
Life is wondrous
Every star above is shining just for us
Life is beautiful
on a stormy night
somewhere in the world, the sun is shining bright"
Keb' Mo'

This song spoke to my heart and I will think of it when I think of today. The Walrus and I had an errand day-in-hades. Just too many to do in one day. But, it was fine. It was beautiful. We got to spend a lot of quality time on a weekday together. We got to do some fun stuff like drink mint green tea at Starbucks when we were early for an appointment. We shopped for an early birthday present for him and were able to go ahead and treat him to some 5 toed shoes. We had a wonderful, nutritious lunch at Greenlife. I had some naan and thai chicken coconut soup and some divine lavender kombucha.

By the time it was time for yoga on the brow, the Walrus and Westley were pooped and no longer wanted to join me on another seemingly errand. So, they practiced gymnastics on the trampoline (go figure).

Meanwhile, I was the only one who showed up for yoga so Marcus spent a lot of time with me. I learned about the 5 Tibetan Rights and learned some new techniques to master some new poses. He wanted me to learn more about arm balances. I whined on the inside, daring not to aloud. He has a quiet commanding presence that doesn't allow such nonsense as whining aloud. I reluctantly started. We worked on handstands. He spotted me then I worked on supporting myself walking my legs up a post of the gazebo. Very intense. Next, we wanted me to do the crow (pictured below). Eeeegad. I showed him how I've been "working" on it by leaning forward but not really balancing. He must've worked with me for 10 minutes because I finally did it...for about 3 seconds. I think I even growled. Just letting the negative out. Ahhhhhh.

don't you just love this lady??
After that, we practiced some seated spinal twists. I have not been doing these deep. at. all. It's so great to work with somebody to show you how to go further and deeper in these poses. Honestly, the spinal twists will be a lot easier when I eliminate some more belly fat. Heheh. No worries, he showed me how to move it. I would normally be horrified by this but like I said before, his commanding quiet presence doesn't allow such nonsense like embarrassment. He's not judging.

Finally, we also worked on some eye strengtheners while sungazing. A beautiful, wondrous evening. I only have one more class with him before he returns home to Miami. I will truly miss him. I will spend my time getting to know his mom in the meantime absorbing as much love as the world will blow my way.

Peace, light, and love. Namaste

Grateful for:
I'm so welled up with gratefulness that it would be easier to list what I'm not grateful for today. (that's listed right below this)

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