Friday, August 10, 2012

small non-scale victories

Thought I would take a few moments and notice some small NSVs. Small victories equal big results.

*My legs feel much stronger, especially my quads. I can feel a big difference when climbing stairs.

*Last week I had a picture taken of me. I caught a slight glimmer of my collar bones trying to be seen. It's a start.

*When I started getting serious about exercise [again] last May, I couldn't grasp my hands behind back and lift much less do this in a forward fold/warrior pose. I'm getting there.

*A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I could finally do a full plank, non-modified pushup. There's still room for improvement but I'm very happy with my current results.

*I was at my breaking point, I think in May. It was on this hike that I just couldn't stand the current state of my body. I went on a long, challenging hike and I couldn't keep up. I've been hiking consistently for the last several years but it was this hike that made me realize how bad I've let myself get.

But this hike just about 2 months later, I was feeling much better. AND I kept up even on the challenging hills and terrain. (4th from left).

*In May, I started a group personal training session on Wednesdays. One particular loop we take of about 3.82 miles used to take me upward of 90 minutes. This week I did it in 65 minutes (my fitbit said the hike was equivalent to a climbing a skyscraper of about 45 flights of stairs).

*I've been sleeping better.

*My clothes aren't as snug.

*My mood doesn't fluctuate near as much. In fact, everything tastes, smells, and feels better and is much more beautiful.

What inspires me the most? This young fellow who is my most favorite person in the world. I can't help  it, he's my son. His abilities amaze me every single day. He reminds me to think young and be young. But what's best about that? I have the wisdom to focus on what's right, what's strong, and what feels the best. My younger self would have been focused on my bodily imperfections. I'd go back and tell her so but I doubt she would listen.

 I was feeling so good that today I rewarded myself with a hot yoga class in Chattanooga. Ahhhhhh. My next reward is a hike-a-thon. It should prove very challenging. All in all, should be about 11 miles. Next Saturday. Details to come.

Love is all around, did you notice anything today? I did, in no particular order:

~Finding out that they make LAVENDER organic raw kombucha. OH. MY. YUM.
~The Greenlife cashier calling me Love and telling me to be well. Why yes, dear sir, I will be. Thank you!
~Hearing my two of my favorite songs on the radio today: Michael Franti's "Hey I love you," and Mumford & Sons' "The Cave." Bonus: hearing Mumford & Sons' new track, "I Can Wait." (I don't get out much)
~A much needed hot yoga class.
~Celebrating little man's bday yesterday at the waterpark (pictured above). We'll be celebrating until Monday, his actual bday.
~Relentless doggies whom never let me forget a walk.
~The hug of a boy and the kiss of a man. My family is love.

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