Sunday, August 26, 2012

sparking and tweaking

Most of my exercise activity is hiking. I love the woods, I love to walk. It's a perfect fit. Lately, I've been attracting friends to hike with me. Whether they ask to come along with me, or I notice somebody else going and I ask to tag along with them. It's fantastic. I've caught up with 3 friends on the trails in the past week. Loving my time outside and it affords me more time to spend with my friends. Tomorrow, I'm meeting 3 other friends for some trails as well as lunges, pushups, etc. We be a sparkin'. :-)

In other news:
Most people know that I use for motivation, fitness tracking, and nutrition tracking. And although I love it, I'm going to back off a little bit. I'll still use Sparkpeople daily but I will be using the nutrition and fitness tracker from FitBit. FitBit is my pedometer. It tracks sleep, steps, flights of stairs (altimeter), miles, overall activity throughout the day. It uploads to the website automatically when I walk near my computer. It's all right there. Half the work already done. The interface for tracking food is faster and easier. I like the awards on Sparkpeople better. FitBit gives badges but some of those you can only earn once (for example, reaching 10,000 steps in one day, then 17,000 steps in one day, etc.) Both sites' awards motivate me so I'll be using the fitness tracker on both and I will keep blogging and interacting on Sparkpeople. Plus Spark has a ton of good exercises and articles at my disposal.

As far as tracking my food, that will all be on FitBit. It takes into account how much weight I want to lose (as does SP) and how fast I want to lose it. I think the biggest draw is that the calories adjusts as my activities peak and dip. If I sit all day, I can eat about 1275. Today, I already did over 5 miles this morning so I can eat close to 1900 calories today. This is still taking into account my weight loss goals, speed of loss, my weight and height, etc. SP never fluctuates depending on my activity. That matters to ey and my psyche.

So, I'm going to try this for 2 weeks and see.

Grateful for:
~Good friends, great exercise, and wonderful warm weather.
~Family time
~good doggies who want to always walk
~fitbit and their website to keep me on track for the newest, healthiest me ever.
~I made my best double shot expresso with steamed lactose free milk with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg reserved for my Sunday mornings. I only allow myself one to two a week and Sunday's the day. Look forward to it every week and enjoy it immensely. (Coffee can aggravate my allergies so I have to be careful with my intake)

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