Monday, August 6, 2012


Thought I might touch on another vacation challenge... Water. It's always hard to get enough water during vacation. I brought my refillable stainless steel water bottle and tried my best. And did very well, I think. We sporadically visited family throughout the week so I was able to use their filtered water systems... but we also spent quite a few nights in hotels. I tried to resist buying pre-bottled waters for many reasons but I didn't trust the tap water in the bathrooms at the hotels either.

Then one day I had an idea. There's a Publix on every corner here. So, on one of my morning walks, I stopped by Publix and picked up a gallon. As luck would have it, there was not literally a Publix on every corner in Naples, it was 2 miles from the hotel. So BONUS exercise. I picked up my gallon and carried it all the way back about 2 miles to the hotel. I stopped at the loading ramp and did incline pushups. Did more pushups at the bus stop park bench as well as tricep dips. With the gallon of water, I took turns with arms and also got 3 sets of bicep hammer curls for each arm. I was pooped. But a good pooped.

This was the neighborhood just past the Publix. Isn't it lovely? Those tall buildings are overlooking the beach. My favorite thing about Florida? THE SIDEWALKS!! It's nice to have a designated place to walk amongst all the traffic.

Grateful for:
~Yoga class on the brow this evening. Hoping for some sunset gazing.
~Little man's gymnastics classes this week
~Inspiration and beauty everywhere
~Clean laundry (carrying your workout clothes all week is really an eye opener. Peeeeyou!)

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