Monday, August 27, 2012


I had a fantastic trail workout this morning with good friends. I was able to do 3.34 miles  in 47 minutes and jogged a good amount of that. They did theirs even faster than that because they ROCK! Such good.positive motivators. Felt good and felt better to be working out with friends. We did pushups, burpees, planks, and squats.

Wednesday, some of us will be working with our group trainer. We're meeting her at the bottom of Wade Gap. Wade Gap is a gap in the mountain that is very steep shortcut road up and off the mountain. If I remember correctly, it's 2 miles one way. After last week's 1500 stairs at Cloudland, I'm ready!

Picture from last year at the bottom of Wade Gap.
Now that I'm walking regularly and jogging even more, I'm going to start paying attention to my heart rate instead of just perceived exertion. I just read a really good article about 5 tips for fat loss. So simple, really. Been doing most, saw where I can do more. I'm going to work on getting my heart rate up to 70-85% of max for a duration of time. I'll be doing some more research to find out how to build that up.

Thankful for:
~Practicing motivation (& bathing) daily. Ha!
~A week's schedule chock full of a healthy dose of work, play, exercise, and meditation.
~Good friends who want to exercise too. A family that supports it all.
~ Naan. It was really good with lunch today (along with fresh orange bell pepper, sliced cucumbers, greek yogurt to dip it in (w/all natural ranch dressing mix), and a banana).
~Yes, I can be thankful for Naan. ;-)

Today is good, it will be done, tomorrow is another one. (modified Seuss)

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