Thursday, August 16, 2012

twilight hike

My day was slipping away from me. I had a completely free calendar that would allow me to sleep in and work at my own leisure. That was until my stepdaughter texted me, "weren't you picking me up for a dentist appointment today?" Oyf! This was 5 minutes after her appointment. I had to call and apologize profusely and beg for a time today. They kindly obliged but my afternoon was commandeered by some taxi-ing around the county.

So, here I was at my desk at 6p and I still haven't exercised. My young pup, Shine, and I decided to take a twilight hike this evening to see the sunset.  It soon became apparent I haven't hiked this route in awhile. I hiked through my backyard and down the mountain. I wore my s-s-snake boots since it's so overgrown. And no, not snake skin boots, that's just cruel, my big rubber boots that go up to my knees so I may not feel any snakes. Hopefully. The boots that have no arch support whatsoever. I did remember a flashlight though, so yay me! I finally get to my sunset rock, and this is what I see:

Yep. The last time I went to see the sunset was winter. There's a view here... without the leaves. Ha!

No matter, I kept following Shine through the woods and explored a bit. We saw some interesting sites....

Coyote maybe?

Happy Shine Shine.

I couldn't go down the hill I went up to get to sunset rock because of it's steepness. We kept walking until we climbed back up the mountain about a half mile from my house. It was a long walk home but not because of the distance but because I was wearing big rubber boots with no arch support.

Still managed some good exercise and some quality time with Shine. And yes, I usually have her on a leash but I wasn't planning on taking the road this evening. Bad doggie mommy!

Grateful for:
~Fun, warm weather
~the Walrus comes home tonight after long business trip
~school starts Monday (will miss my little guy but he's ready for some routine)
~Saturday's Cloudland Canyon hike. Can't wait.

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