Monday, August 13, 2012

unbridled encouragement

A gentle reminder to myself...

When offering words of encouragement, am I offering anything less than encouragement? Am I adding a but (you know, that's great...but. You're doing awesome....but. Maybe the but is included, maybe it's implied)? Am I planting a seed of doubt or offering to fuel the fire of unbridled encouragement?

I just really need to share that last thought one more time: Am I planting a seed of doubt or offering to fuel the fire of unbridled encouragement?

Unsolicited advice is most likely very unwelcome. Was the person truly asking my opinion or did they just need a sounding board?

People offer small snapshots of their lives in everything they portray to me...whether that's what they told me, I read on their blog, or our own assumptions about somebody else face-to-face or on the internet. I truly never know the whole story. I don't know what they've been doing, how long they've been doing it, and how well they're doing it.

I mean well. But it's not well. I want to impart my own experience, my own expertise on to others. I know best, right? Maybe. But what's best for me may not be best for you.

We all mean well.

I know my body. I know what I am capable of. We all do. Just because somebody's reaching further, stronger, faster than I doesn't mean it's not right for them. Why would I want to hinder them? Why do I want to project my own doubt and shortcomings on to somebody else?

I don't.

I won't.

And just to expound on the thought of knowing my body, knowing what I'm capable of...we all do. But truly, we're all capable of so much more than we think we are. So, why would I want to hinder somebody else's accomplishments, milestones, or goals?

I don't.

I won't.

So, I will remind myself to sit back and enjoy the ride of other's accomplishments. They inspire me to be more of me. The best me I can be. Today I will be more, do more, and offer the best cheer section my family and friends deserve. Go You!

To repeat, we are all so much more capable of more than we think we are. Let's help each other achieve more.

So, I remind myself:
~Be my friends' biggest fan. Leaving jealousy, envy, or any other lacking feeling out of the equation.
~Offer only passionate encouragement. Fueling the fire so someone else may achieve her or his best.
~Reap the rewards for such free thinking. Inspiring others will lead to a much simpler, enlivening, awake, and freer way of being. The alternative feeling heavy and doubtful.
~The type and amount of energy I expend will be what I receive in like. (i.e. Do unto others...)

Today's agenda done:
Walked/jogged 3.6 miles, 36 plyometric jump squats, 36 standing lunges, 36 plie squats, 36 plank pushups, 36 abducter/adducter skips down the road (awkward, b/c we don't get much traffic, but a neighbor caught me! Ha!).

Still to do:
Yoga on the mountain brow this evening.

Grateful for:
~All the friends in my life. I am truly blessed.
~Yoga tonight.
~The feeling or strength and positive feelings.
~This weekends mega Hike-a-thon.
~Little man is 8 today! Happy day(s)- we've been celebrating since Thursday.

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