Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Ever have one of those days where you're really looking forward to your exercise time and no sooner than you start do you realize today should have been a rest day?

That was my today. Monday.

My body revolted before my brain got the message. I was cranky, irritable, crampy, and nauseous. Good thing it was just Shine and I. Probably not a good day to deal with other people.

Still eeeked out 3.2 miles. I need to get a little more in this evening because I came home HUNGRY. I ate way too much for lunch. So, I need to burn a few more to compensate. I won't be able to get by on a 150 calorie dinner (lest my crankiness returns...Nobody wants that).

It's all good though. I am thankful for this day. Thankful for a doggie who wanted to walk. Thankful there are other doggies who will want to walk this evening. And thankful for a fun evening planned with the family on the first day of the County Fair.

Finding peace in my thankfulness to bring me back to where I should be. Namaste.

In more uplifting news. So uplifting, it's way up in the sky, today I received this:

Wonder how many years it will take to get my moon badge. Haha.

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