Saturday, September 1, 2012

blue moon, you know just what i was there for

This weekend should prove both relaxing and productive. I need to catchup on work (the perils of working from home allow me to get distracted easily) but I don't have to BE anywhere for the first time in weeks. I plan on working quite a bit today, walking/jogging or hiking/trail running and maybe some lunges and pushups, and starting a knitting project. OH! I need to finish a project too. Some yoga with the boy and maybe see the sunset. Sounds good, yeah?

My new knitting project is a thank you gift for Marcus who has shared his gifts and knowledge with our community selflessly. He taught free yoga classes on the brow of the mountain and held introductory classes about Permaculture. As I mentioned earlier, he's headed back home. Anywho, I think I saw him without a hat once the whole time he was here. Thus my inspiration. I've made this pattern (Elle Slouchy Hat) several times before. This will be done in a luscious emerald green wool. The wool is spun in such a way to make the yarn luxuriously soft and supple.

My friend Dana modeling the Elle Slouchy hat (for her birthday). She's so awesome. She's a great hiking buddy and serves a mean cup of cowboy coffee that's quite good, better than any old starbucks I tell ya!
Finding joy in:
~The new blooms all about. New rose and clematis blooms in the front yard, maypops all along the road, and queen anne's lace everywhere.
~Inspiration for a new knitting project and finding the gumption to finish an old one.
~practicing sun salutations with the boy
~doggie walks. It makes them so happy and they make me smile.
~last night's blue moon, and a clear night to witness it.
~the cloud formations this week have been incredible. Storms that just don't quite make it here are painting quite a work of art above our heads.
~spotted 2 rainbows yesterday.
~cucumber/lime water. The treat of the week.
~inspiration everywhere in art and people enlivening me to be more and go further then I ever thought possible.

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