Sunday, September 2, 2012


I love FitFluential on Facebook and their website. I especially like following one of the contributors Blonde Ponytail (sans all the shakes). Somewhere along the way (can't find it now), I saw where somebody was challenging herself and others to 600 burpees in 6 days. Got me thinking, "hmmmm. I know burpees are really hard. I wonder if I'm up for such a challenge...yet."

I went outside and barely got through 5 burpees.

So that's where I'm at. Right now. So, I'm challenging myself and you to 30 burpees in 6 days. That's just 5 a day. I think I can do it. How about you? Maybe next week, I'll be all daring and do 10 in one day. Woot, watch out!

If you need inspiration, Blonde Ponytail has your back: She has a whole post about burpees and a short video showing us 8 variations. I'm doing the one where you go down to a plank, jump back up and clap. The jumping up and clapping is the hardest part for me. Lol.

I'm also challenging myself with 3 sets of planks a day as well as 3 sets of side planks (each side). Inspired by Coach Nicole on SparkPeople. The little man and I took a shot at it today:

We found ourselves having to run an errand for dog food so we stopped off at our local produce stand and stocked up. Little man even picked out a bunch of golden delicious apples. We are set for the weekend. Our bounty:

Finding joy in:
~seeing a butterfly I've never seen before. It was goldenrod on the bottom and black on top.
~ seeing lots of fawn out playing.
~the smell of something sweet driving down the mountain with the windows open. Honeysuckle-like, but not quite. Can't place it but it's delighting the senses anyway.
~the squirrels keeping oh-so-busy.
~Riding bikes (OhMyQuads!!!), practicing planks, and sun salutations with my little man. He's such a delight.

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