Thursday, September 20, 2012


I decided to make a few posts about our New York City trip instead of one big one...

Along with not caring where you're from (everyone sounds different there) and being able to drink and not worry about designated drivers (you just have to stumble to a subway), my favorite part about New York City is the busking. I know we all work hard. But buskers? I admire their hard work, perseverance, and courage. How hard would it be to go from train to train and hope people like your music? I don't care if it's on the train or in the stations or at the park, I want to hear it and experience it.

Since this was our 2nd trip to NYC, I knew to load up on ones to show my appreciation. I also had a kind word or 2 to hand out for their sharing. Last time, our trip was heavy on the mariachi bands. This time we had a good eclectic mix but didn't see one mariachi band. Which is a shame, I rather enjoyed that style too. This time we heard 5-6 older guys do an acoustic set, a Melissa Etheridge-esque lady with a guitar and her voice, a world-sound type band with cellos and voices, the New York Violinist, and many more.

But if I had to pick my favorite, it would be House of Waters. There were just 3 of them with percussion instruments, strings (different types depending on the song), and a hammered dulcimer. They performed at Union Station and they were sublime. They sounded like a whole orchestra. I'm sure the acoustics in the station helped.

Please enjoy my 30 second clip.


Before visiting NYC, the only buskers I knew of was on the streets of North Carolina until they eventually toured. It was fomerly known as Jump! Little Children and later known as just Jump. I can not believe they're still not around. They were a fantastic rock band and I still play their CDs ad nauseum.

In fitness news, we got no less than 23,000 steps a day. Good times.

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