Sunday, September 23, 2012

celebrating the fall equinox

We had a great time in the great outdoors yesterday celebrating the Fall Equinox. Bring it on Fall! Some friends and acquaintances are doing the Ultimate Hike for Curesearch. Much like Avon's 3-day, they raise $2500 and hike a crazy amount of miles in one day. I think this one will be 28 miles.

From the website:
Ultimate Hike is characterized as one that consumes most of the day in a challenging adventure with a spectacular natural setting. This is a true ultimate challenge - in this program you will hike 15 - 35 miles in one day while you help raise money towards finding a cure for children's cancer, the #1 cause of death by disease in children.
Pretty cool, huh? True Adventure Sports up here in Little River Canyon let one of the people do a fundraiser where half the proceeds of zip lining goes to Curesearch for the Ultimate hike. We had two groups participate: Little River Hiking and Chattanooga Hiking Group

If you're interested in similar activities in your area check out Meetup's Website. There's hiking groups all over the place. But not just hiking, any interest where you would like to get together with anybody who shares similar interests from movies to music, even the paranormal and everything in between.

A good time was had by all.

A few gems available at the top of Little River Canyon. Orbix is of particular interest. They're a glass art studio with some amazing artist and apprentices. A few times a year, they let the public come make and blow their own glass ornaments. We've made it an annual tradition.

Getting ready.

My fearless little man.

Nice fellow calming me down. I was fine until I got up there. I hyperventilated a little bit. He's good at that job, I was able to step off. After the step, I was FINE and LOVED it. Even flipped upside down for a bit.

My handsome Walrus at the end rappelling down.
Hope your Fall had a great beginning too!

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