Sunday, September 30, 2012

creating space

This past week I have been finding myself craving Yin Yoga. Something I forgot about for a long while. In fact, I really haven't practiced since I lived in Georgia about 4+ years ago. I'm really taking the time to explore this more in depth on my own using lots of props to enhance the practice. The deep, intense poses are making me think about space in all aspects of my life. A few are listed here.

Finding Corners of Solitude
This week's been about creating space in my mind, body, and home. Finding corners in the house to be alone in quiet solitude is challenging (the house isn't very big) but quite necessary. One evening I stole this corner for an hour and a half for some nice slow, deep Yin Yoga. Yin yoga really gives you the time to get into the deep restorative poses that are bodies crave. Holding the poses for 3-5 minutes really enlivens the body, creating heat and energy and aliveness. It gives you time to really release anything you might be holding on to.

lots of props to make the practice deeper

Creating Space in the Home
This weekend will be spent de-cluttering the home. The annual fundraising events leading up to the big Harvest Festival for our school commence October 1 and our grade is doing the yard sale. We'll be getting ready with our donations. I'm really looking forward to this. When we moved here, we chose a space without much storage and it's time to let go.

Creating Space in Frequently used areas
Saturday was National Public Lands Day. Not that we need a special day to maintain and clean our parks, trails, and public common areas but it's a good excuse to get outside with friends and clean up our outdoor space for the good of the whole. And we did. Good times.

Creating Space in my Thoughts
Taking and inhaling the good around me, holding on tight, watching any negative thoughts gather in a paper boat float. My exhale creates the force to blow it down stream. Repeating as necessary.

Peace. Light. & Love.

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