Friday, September 28, 2012

food wrap up

I'll start this post off with a side note... It's official. I'm registered for my first 5K coming up in just 2 short weeks. My running endurance is gaining a tiny bit of momentum and am hoping for a fun first 5K. Definitely out of my comfort zone.  I'm doing that a lot this week. More to tell.

Since the last couple of posts were about food, I thought I would wrap this week's posts up with a little trip through our food outings in NYC two weekends ago. Just a small taste of what we experienced on our trip. No food was injured or devoured mindlessly in this episode; thusly, it was thoroughly enjoyed in moderation...

Located in Queens. Probably the best Thai I ever had. Heads up, they only take cash and it's worth every penny. Divine cuisine with a great garden patio. 

Baked by Melissa-- so fun. Tiny little cupcakes, 50 calories each, 3 for a $1.
Forgot to photograph all 3: mint choco, tie-dye, and lastly this lone red velvet. numa -num-num.

Are we really smiling the same?

Of course, we partook in some M&Ms by the pound at the M&M store in Times Square. Raspberry was the best.
Absolutely loved the small markets speckled throughout the city.

Finally got my true NY bagel. Located in Brooklyn, fresh baked every day.
We may or may not have come here more than once. ;-)
One other stop included a melted brie and turkey sandwich with sliced granny smith apples. I neither took a picture nor remember the restaurant's name but it was located in Times Square. I will be recreating this sandwich at home. Oh, yes!

Eating wasn't our main focus though, surprisingly enough. We were so active with over 100,000 steps that week and we took a bicycle tour. So, all in all, a pretty well-rounded trip (and I came back 2 lbs lighter!). My last NYC post will be about a few sights we saw.

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