Saturday, September 29, 2012

have to share

Do you ever run across something in email, Facebook, or just lurking around on the web that just makes you stop and say, "Wow, that was a really helpful website?" It's happened for me a lot lately and I'm feeling the need to share. Maybe everybody else knows these links already but I will share anyway. I'm really big on free too. I think in life there are many times when it behooves us to purchase but there are more times when we should be sharing our wealth of talent with each other (handmade gifts, produce, knowledge, your yoga practice, you name it). What a great world this would be if we were to do that more often.

Pandora- obviously very well known but felt the need to include it for it's awesomeness, free-ness, and it's category to make this post well-rounded. :-)

Travel (free!)
HopStop- Going to any major cities with lots of public transportation? This website will tell you how to get around by foot, taxi, subway, bus, etc. And it will tell you how to put it all together. Free apps too for when you're on the go. Which...if you're somewhere else, I guess you're on the go!

Yoga Videos (free!)
Yome- Wow. Just found this today. Feel the need to make your home yoga practice better, more intense, less intense, or whatever depending on your mood? This website has a a kajilion (actual, factual mathematical term) FREE videos to practice with. I've seen several that range from a 3 minute breathing session up to an hour of power yoga. Definitely worth a look-see.

Yin Yoga- broken down, explained, and demonstrated. Sa-ZA!.

Yoga Podcasts (free!)
Trinity Yoga's Yin Yoga & Transformation part 1- tryed this one Thursday evening. Very good. Practicing Yin can be very restorative and challenging at the same time. Taking a pose as deep as you can and hold for 3-5 minutes.

Trinity Yoga's Yin...part 2- ditto for the above.

Kindle freebies
FREE Kindle downloads to borrow- A link to direct you straight to all the free books you can borrow from Kindle. This one is not without it's strings. You must be a Prime Amazon member which is $79 a year. I find it quite worth it though. I'm able to borrow up to 1 book a month (average cost would be $9.99 <already paid for itself>...can keep as long as I want until I want the next one) and I get free 2 day shipping with no minimums.

Need some inspiration? Daily motivation? There's a wealth of it on Facebook:
4 outof7 food gardening... recycle and live well
Be stronger than your excuses- healthy living
Coach Nicole- from SparkPeople...challenge ideas
Blonde Ponytail Fitness- lots of workout ideas, great website available too.
Hiking Lady
Green Healthy & Fit- recipes, positive motivation
George Takei- for a big laugh daily and perspective

SparkPeople- how could I not mention? Lose weight, be healthy, stay fit. Really turned my life around this year. Enough said.

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