Saturday, September 8, 2012

holding steady

No loss this week. Felt like there was none yesterday and I guess it should be expected after last week's 4 lb loss. It's all good though. Feeling fine and energetic. I've been having trouble taking a complete rest day because I have so much energy and other needs in the household... like doggies who luuuuurve to walk. And once I'm walking, it's hard to stop.

This morning I'm getting caught up on work and then I will to do my 10 mins and go visit my Dad. He turned 72 this week. I haven't seen him in awhile so it will be good. Tomorrow, I leave at 6a for a HOT yoga class in Chattanooga. Catch up on some more work and LOADS of laundry. I know exciting stuff here. Hold on to your seats.

Today's 10 minutes (doing this twice):

Yesterday's stats:

Grateful for:
~The weekend
~Dear stepdaughter's visit
~Visiting my Dad
~Trip planning mode
~Laundry. Because I'm fortunate enough to have laundry and the meditative act of doing it.

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