Wednesday, September 19, 2012

i know, i know

...I haven't updated in awhile. BUT I'm working on a big post all about our long weekend trip to New York City. Last week, I mentioned that I think I could walk 100,000 steps this last week. Well, NYC helped that cause, and then some. It was a fabulous trip and I definitely got my exercise (& eating) on! Not only that, but I just got my 250 mile badge from FitBit for 250 miles since late July.

It was a great trip and even though we got back late Sunday, I'm still trying to settle back into routine family and work life. It's all so very, very good.

Now, it's time to track my food again and move differently. I've been doing a lot of walking, some jogging, a moderate amount of yoga, and a lot of resistance training. It's time to rev it up a bit. I'm going to jog more, take the bike out, challenge myself with a spinning class, and get those kayaks back out (it's been since Spring).

So very thankful for this beautiful day spent with beautiful friends. Hope you're having the same.

OH! Have to share my funny story from yesterday. I know, the pee and poop jokes never stop around here. I've mentioned before that I've been having trouble with my bladder when I try to run. Yesterday, I took about 200 steps while jogging and HAD TO GO. I skirted off into the woods and found a good hidden spot. I squatted and reached for a tall but narrow tree for support. Just as I was thinking, "I wonder if that's poison ivy I'm peeing on..." I fell bare bottom into said viney leaves because the tree came right out from the roots and FELL on me!! Good thing Shine (doggie #3) was there. She gave me a big kiss while I laid on the ground. Good girl. Oy. The good news is it wasn't poison ivy. I can just hear it now..."How on earth did you get poison ivy THERE??"

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