Monday, September 24, 2012

look ma, i'm running!

Today was absolutely gorgeous. The sky is bluer than blue and the temps are moderate. We decided as a family, we've been running around too much lately and vowed not to get in the car today. But... the Walrus was making Kahlua and didn't have enough sugar. He and the boy also expressed interest in "running" with me.

We decided to go to the park with a track, .03 miles around. I felt really good after yesterday of my reaching my personal record (PR) of running (I made 1/2 mile without stopping then quickly did another 1/2 mile without stopping). I was stoked.

I was even more stoked that the family wanted to exercise with me. So we headed out.

A departure from our usual trail hiking. It's a great park in honor of the band Alabama who put our town on the map... sort of. (Actually, it may have been donated by them. They do a lot in the community. Need to get the story on this.)
It was wonderful. We walked one lap and ran one lap together. Then, I continued while the Walrus and the boy played on the playground.

I finished up with 4.33 miles total, 2.1 of it running (2 laps at a time, 7 laps total). I'm very excited about reaching this new PR. I'm ready for my first 5k in about 15 years coming up October 13: 1st Annual Autism Awareness 5k fun run. Hopefully, I will run most of it. My goal is to fully run a 5k by Spring. I'm thinking Color Run in March.

We also had fun with tree planks. I think I just made that up but I'm not sure since there's hardly and original ideas floating around anymore but I like it. Tree Plank it is. The boy is into gymnastics and is trying to perfect the handstand. I'd also like to do a handstand. My goal is to get my hands closer to the tree or wall and eventually do a handstand for real much like my childhood days. In addition, I did 3 sets of pushups at the other end away from people (1 set at a time), 3 sets of straight leg tricep dips from the park benches, as well as the tree planks- 3 sets counting to 20.

Our little gymnast making it look easy.

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