Wednesday, September 5, 2012

love me some stats

Been talking about my FitBit a lot lately. Thought I would share one of the weekly reports. I love how all day long it tells me whether I'm behind or ahead on calories eaten as well as calories burned. Like last night, I had eaten just a tad too much, so I took a doggie for a quick walk and I was back on target again. I'm really looking forward to how maintenance will work with this thingy-dingy.

Don't worry SparkPeople friends, I'm still using SP's many other tools along with the interaction. I took a survey for SP recently about my desires of integrating FitBit with SP. I really hope that comes to fruition. Some of the other things discussed was maybe their own device. It's nice to see companies listening to their peeps and changing for the better. We shall see what comes.

I chose the "medium" speed on weight loss which is about 1.5 pounds a week. After this week, I think I'll go back to the "Slow" speed for .5-1 lb a week. I just needed a little push to keep my momentum going and not get discouraged after holding steady for 4+ weeks. Shaking things up as it were.

By the way, the ONLY reason I'm last week's step winner (as well as every week), is because I'm my only "friend" who is ranking. It would be cool to see an overall ranking or better yet, connect with others who have  FitBit. (Hint, hint, anybody have a FitBit? heehee)

What a wonderful, busy week this is shaping up to be.

Looking forward to:
~visiting my Dad
~hot yoga two times this week
~preparations for an awesome trip I'll be talking about soon.

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