Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Yesterday I was planktified among other things.

I talk a lot about Sheila's trail workouts on Wednesdays. It's a group personal training class where where she takes us out to the local trails and whoops our derrieres. It's quite invigorating. Anywho, I missed one class this summer (just one!) because we went on vacation. We have not been able to coordinate a makeup date until yesterday. She invited me as her guest to attend an aerobics class she teaches at the rec center. I haven't taken an aerobics class in years (since I taught aerobics) so I thought it sounded like fun.

And it was.

It was very plank intensive. There were: well, planks (duh), side planks, burpees, plank jacks, side plank twists amongst a lot of lunges, grapevines, crunches, etc.

I had a good time but I really need to be outside. The air conditioning was harsh and the ceiling was low. I felt very closed in. And sweaty. Very sweaty. I came out with some new workout ideas and feeling pretty good for the rest of the day...right after my 20 minute nap.

This morning I went on a 5 mile hike. Nothing hurt. Until I went to sit in my car to drive home. OhMyYaYa!! Now I can barely sit and washing my hair was quite the feat.

Last week, I wondered if I could get 100,000 steps this week after getting 94,000. Not quite, but next week I think it will be quite possible. Can't wait to tell you why.

Looking at my stats, I could definitely use more sleep and I need to eat less. Just a little, but less nonetheless.

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