Wednesday, September 12, 2012

planky-planks, thank GOODness!

Today, like much of this week, I fell. I fell flat on the ground, front first whilst hiking NeverNeverland trail for my Wednesday's trail workouts with my group personal trainer. It was a good one. I've had several close calls with roots, rocks, and crevices but never lost full composure. This was my first true, big, full-on fall.

So, I remind myself:

...fall 7 times, stand up 8.

Thank goodness the last two weeks have left me quite planktified. Lots of planks, side planks, and burpees. Oh the burpees. Once so, so hard and now I'm only slightly proficient with them. But what a difference in my proficiency even from 2 short weeks ago. Who knew planks were such a functional fitness wonder-move?

Hammer curls are good for carrying groceries, hip and leg strengtheners are good for carrying kids on your hip. (Although, my boy at 52 lbs. doesn't want to be picked up anymore. But I CAN, and that's important). Squats are good for handling your business when nature calls... well, in nature. But planks, oh my planks!

Why am I so thankful for planks? I didn't get hurt today. I landed face down. In a plank. Who knew I could even do that? Not me. Not until today. If I had done that back in May or even 4 weeks ago, I'd probably be pulling a stick out of my face and/or spitting dirt out. So planks, burpees, and all other functional fit moves, I thank you. Keep 'em coming, I say.

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