Tuesday, September 4, 2012

répétez s'il vous plaît

It was a great Labor Day Monday even though I worked most of the day. Got out early in the morning and beat the thunderstorms. I did Wade Gap just like last week. But not exactly. I repeated 2 of the steepest parts to make it a little longer and more challenging. At the bottom of the hill, I jogged about 1/2 mile to the railroad tracks.

Saturday, I challenged myself to 30 burpees in 6 days.

Sunday, I promptly forgot.

Ha! So  today, I did 11. 5 with the boy, 5 to make up for yesterday, and 1 because my husband walked in and said, "what's a burpee again?" It's much easier to demonstrate than articulate. Now I'm ahead. By one. I'll take it.

Lots of pushups, crunches, planks, and side planks too. Good day.

Horsie at the bottom of Wade Gap. I couldn't get him to look up in spite of my cat calls. 
In goal-setting news. I want to do a 5K. I have several friends that did the Color Run in Birmingham Monday. I wasn't ready (and had to work) so I've set my sights on the Color Run in Atlanta come March. It looks like SO much fun. Can't wait.

In other, other news, I read a really good book this weekend: The Competitor in Me by Franice Van Wirkus. I think the ever popular LDRICHEL was the one who recommended it. I'm ready to read the 2nd one now, The Competitor in Me II: Conquer Fear. It's all so inspiring. LDRICHEL's 4 part series about spectating at an Ironman was very inspiring too. I actually took the bike out this weekend.

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