Sunday, September 9, 2012

setting intention

Yesterday was a great day. But isn't it always? Take the good with the bad. It was all good though.

Feel what you feel.


Let go.


Breathe freely.

We drove to Athens, GA only stopping for goodies at the Stone Mountain Pecan Co. We loaded up on macadamias, cashews, trail mix (power berry crunch YUM YUM), and we may or may have not have partaken in a milk chocolate malt ball. Or 5.

Daddy took us out for dinner and I had grilled fish tacos and a good time with the fam.

This morning was luxurious. Got up before the break of dawn and anybody else's rising in the house and watched the sunrise while I drove North to Tennessee. Took a 7:30 hot yoga class today. Lots of balancing today. Or in my case, lots of falling but no matter. As the old Japanese (I think) proverb says:

Fall down 7 times, get up 8.


I remembered to wear pants today so as not to slip on my own body. Lots of crow, standing splits, tree, etc.

Today, we set our intention for non-violence the first concept or guideline in Ahimsa. Practice non-violence not only in deed or physical action but also in thought and words knowing that we do more harm to ourselves than others through hurtful thoughts. But no matter if you hurt yourself or others, be kind. Be kind to yourself and your thoughts and give that as a gift to the world.

Peace & love.

Sunday's sunrise

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