Friday, September 21, 2012

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I was feeling a little achy this morning so I decided to skip any walks or runs and do a power yoga dvd later today. My plans quickly changed after dropping the boy off at carpool. I had a sudden burst of energy and my aches subsided... I NEEDED to walk. Got home leashed up doggie #2 (Maggie) and doggie #3 (Shine). Doggie #1 (Holly) was un-too-happy with me but I'll take her on a shorty evening walk later. We took a quick 2+ miler. Well, as quick as two dogs who need to sniff and react to squirrels and deer and other morning ruckuses will let you. ;-) I came home and had some nuts and dried fruit and a cup of rooibos chai tea with a splash of coconut milk. Yum!

I still plan on my yoga but will wait for the Walrus to leave to drive carpool so I can have the house to myself for an hour.

In nutrition/calorie news, I need to do better. I'm not completely out of control but if I keep at it, I will be. I've just been so famished at certain parts of the day and it's hard to control my intake. I'm still recording every morsel. My calories in vs. out is not so bad that I will gain weight. But I won't be losing any at this rate either. I think I'll start off by doing a smaller/lower calorie breakfast. I feel I do pretty good with my breakfast selections but it's just too big and it runs over into my late morning snack. I weigh in tomorrow. I feel pretty good that I've held steady.

So not to long ago, I wrote a post about Encouragement. I really wanted to link to something I read a few years ago but could not find it to save my life. Lo and behold the author recycled it in a newsletter this week so I can finally link to it. I wrote my post in response to some people's reactions to my lifestyle whether face-to-face or on the web. I wish I knew how to write my post better but I wrote it in the 1st person so as not to offend anyone. I'm one to give the utmost, unconditional encouragement I can muster up. Not that I've never had the tendency to be a doubter but I've practiced for a lot of years not to speak or think negatively. It's a hard habit to break.

I grew up with parents who encouraged but always hinted at their doubt. For example: when I was in the 10th grade, I wanted to be a neurologist. My dad was like, "that's great, you can do it. BUT you know you really have to be a legacy to be a doctor." Meh. Earlier than that, the middle school music teachers came around in 5th grade to get us in band. I already had my heart set on flute. They said my lips were wrong and I should play trumpet or tuba. Well, that just made me mad and want to prove them wrong. See, sometimes the doubt completely derails me, sometimes it makes me better. But just imagine how much nicer it would've been to completely encourage me. (I did struggle with the flute for a while. Out of 30 beginning flautists, I was always third row and sometimes even last chair. I worked my tuchus off all year and was 1st chair by the last semester and did fairly well all the way through high school).

So without further ado, I would like to link to an article that articulates it better than I ever could:

Have a blessed and beautiful day. We will be starting our celebration of tomorrow's Fall Equinox this afternoon. Love a change of season.

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