Saturday, September 22, 2012

yoga on the deck

On the eve of the Fall equinox, we are finding ourselves full of life, calmness, and joy. It's the Walrus' favorite season and mine only second to Spring (but love and appreciate all 4 seasons. How could I not?) I'm looking forward to hikes in the fall, lots of yoga outside, and all the lovely 5Ks scheduled. Today's celebrations included 2, 2 mile doggie walks and an hour of yoga on the back deck. It's the perfect time for yoga outside. The bugs aren't as bothersome and the temperatures are oh-so-nice. Even Shine (doggie #3) enjoyed some yoga. She does the best up and down dogs. I have got to get a picture soon.

Shine is always near me. Maggie was out here too but was content at the far end watching the leaves fall. Holly was inside mucking up the bathroom trash unbeknownst to me. Oy. We're all balanced though, no worries.

We also ate out this evening. I think I made some pretty wise choices (in spite of the restaurant not having ANY nutritional info online or at the restaurant) and banked enough calories for the splurge. I had a bowl of chicken tortilla soup and a naked baked sweet potato. So good.

And just a little rant on that note...HOW in this day and age when we have local governments infringing on personal rights to order huge sugary drinks (talking to you NYC) and NOT require any business who sells food to the public for profit to provide nutritional information for us to make informed choices? Put warnings on drinks, tell how much sugar is it, give us the information so we can make informed, intelligent CHOICES. I'm all for it but leave the choice to us by requiring the information to be abundant and obvious.

End rant.

At the time of the actual Fall Equinox, we'll be enjoying the outdoors with some hiking and zip lining. A perfect way to welcome Autumn. Welcome.

On a side note, the Walrus read yesterday's blog and pointed out my grammatical errors. So embarrassing. Sorry if I sometimes make my posts hard to read. I will slow down and make a more concerted effort to write a more coherent entry. On a side-side note, he's usually my biggest fan and fantastic at Extreme Encouraging. I don't take the corrections personally though, I was careless and I know better (and bad grammar is a personal pet peeve. How could I get so careless?)

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