Tuesday, October 16, 2012

5k my way

I ran a good 5k race on Saturday for Fort Payne's Autism Awareness. They are doing great fundraising work supporting our kids locally. Saturday's 5k was to raise money for AmTrykes. These trykes are great for kids with autism or any other occupational therapy-type disorder. They're custom made and fitted to each individual. I think we all know keeping everybody active no matter their ability is hugely beneficial.

So the race... I started my intermediate 5k training about 2 weeks ago (a 5 week program). I was already running a bit before so I thought this was a good place to start. I know I didn't have 5 weeks until my first race but I thought I didn't have to run the whole thing...I would just test the waters. It was so much fun!

I felt like a turtle. Slow and steady. Several people passed me in the first mile running pretty fast. I tried to put my blinders on and keep my steady, slow pace. Although I don't conciously try to keep up with other people, I find myself trying to go faster anyway. Anyway after the first mile, I was able to pass those people who were doing a fast run then slow walk pace. They tried to speed up when I came up behind them but eventually fell back.

I ran 1.75 miles before slowing to a fast walk. That's my personal best. I don't really care about beating anybody else but those people I passed were the only gauges I had during the run. It wasn't a crowded race so I wasn't around a lot of people. There were a bunch in front, a few in the middle (me), and several in the back. That's how I hike too. Coincidence?

I set my watch and allowed myself to lolly-gag for 2 minutes before finishing the race. I did that twice. I came in alone which was nice because it felt like I had my own cheering section at the finish line.

I got 2nd place in my age category. I was super pleased. I was also faster than 2nd & 3rd place in the decade below me. That was a nice confidence builder. I hope to run without stopping on my next race.

2nd place in my age division. Did I wear my medal all day? You betchya!
The overall winner?? Granted he was a teenager, BUT STILL....he finished in a little over 12 minutes. What the hooey-kablooey? My brain can't even comprehend that on any level! Second overall wasn't much slower. AiAiAi. How awesome. It was a good group, good fun, good cause and I walked away with a medal and some Sonic gift cards (love me some diet cherry limeaid!)

Please note: I'll be revamping the look of the blog this week. I've been playing around with the dynamic views and really digging them. I'll be tweaking as I go so some things may not work as planned until I figure it all out.

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