Wednesday, October 10, 2012

doing well and getting better

So, today I had my  bi-annual doctor's appointment. I have blood tests done regularly since I was placed in a high risk category due to my high cholesterol and my family history. Today was quite a win. My doctor was practically jumping up and down. And I was too. She was super excited I lost 15 pounds since my last visit.

"Pom," she said, she calls me "Pom" instead of Pam and I love it. She has a very soothing accent. "Pom, what are you doing?" Well Doc, I'm doing what you told me to do. I upped my protein and I reduced my carbs. Oh, and you prescribed me some tryglyceride-lowering medicine that I can't afford (over $200 w/insurance). Soooo, I decided to kick into high gear. Soon after that, I took a hike that proved how out of shape I was in. Then, I started Sheila's trail workouts and it got me motivated to improve upon that workout throughout the week. So, yeah I took your advice and here I am. "Oh, Pom that is soooo good. Great job." I also told her about SparkPeople and how I log my food and workouts now in conjunction with my FitBit. She loved that. Then she said that she couldn't wait to see my blood work. I reminded her I did the tests on Thursday. She leaves and shortly returns with my results after I hear the nurse profusely apologizing for not giving it to her to begin with.

Let me just preface this by saying high cholesterol, especially my triglycerides, has been a huge obstacle in my life since my late 20s. In fact my triglycerides have been so high, that it's been more than a decade since anyone could measure my LDL (bad cholesterol).

Today, I found out my LDL. Wow. Again, it's been over a decade since "they" could determine this.

My LDL is ...duh, duh, dummm... 112. That's in the "near optimal" range of 100-129, uh thank you very much. My HDL (good cholesterol) moved up 2 points to 32, which is still low, even for me (I've been in the 70s in my early 30s when I was teaching aerobics). It's a little disappointing to have my HDL still that low for as hard as I'm working but it's still better than even 3 years ago. I can not seem to remember to take my fish oil. I really need to make this a priority. And I will. My triglycerides are still high in the 300s but I knocked it down almost 200 points (and I've been as high as 700 before). My blood pressure is 99/55-- su-zah! My thyroid is still running good (w/meds). My basic metabolic panel is spot on all the way down the column. Vitamin D is still a little low but improved. So I'm to keep doing what I'm doing. I really hope the next 20 lbs will make this much of a difference again.

My medications are minimal ... thyroid, vitamin d supplement, and fish oil. And a couple of allergy meds. I've also been experimenting with diffusing essential oils and am getting some success.

Good news. Good news indeed.

In other news, Happy Birthday to John Lennon (10/9). The world was a better place because you were in it however brief.

In crafty news, my felted yoga bag is almost dry. Pictures soon!

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