Monday, October 1, 2012

fantastic weekend

I had such a good weekend. This was the first since July that I wasn't making up some of my work from the week. I had time to catch up on chores, knitting projects, de-cluttering, and lots of lots of active fun. Since Friday, I've completed 3 days for my running program and I even stepped out of my comfort zone and took the bike out for 3.2 miles. I haven't been able to get passed the hill on either side of my house so this was quite a feat for me. In other exciting choring news, I got caught up on laundry for the first time since July too. The boy couldn't believe I was so excited about laundry. Me neither, but there you go.

Did a pretty good job decluttering. Went ahead and labeled for the school's upcoming yard sale.

FINALLY finished knitting my yoga mat bag. And got a good start on my Elle Slouchy Hat made in verdes. (Elle Slouchy named aptly for my friend who created the pattern. Elle for the phonetic spelling of the first letter of her first name and slouchy for the style of hat.)

Think my yoga mat will fit in that bad boy? Although I'm FINALLY done knitting it, I still need to felt it. I'll be putting this in really hot wash to shrink and smooth it out. 

The Walrus redecorated and I like it.

Good times at Desoto's archery activity yesterday. The minimum age for these weighted bows is 4th grade. No problem for this guy who rings the bell at the top of the climbing rope!

And there's me. Not as good as little man but quite fun all the same.

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