Sunday, October 14, 2012

gearing up for winter and the holidays

I can not wait to update about my 5k race yesterday. SO much fun and a big confidence builder. I'm hoping my friend who was one of the organizers tags me in a picture so I may share. So 1 or 2 more days and I'll update with or without pic.

In the meantime, I have some projects in the queue for Winter. If the acorns are any indication, it should be a cold one with a lot of snow. Last year we didn't have many acorns in the Fall and we had a mild Winter. The year before, we had a ton of acorns fall and got snowed in on several occasions. Many people in the North would scoff at that notion of being "snowed in" but we in the South, generally don't invest in all-weather tires or keep up with any kind of city/county maintenance trucks that would keep the roads clear. It's just not cost efficient for as little condensation of the frozen variety that we collect. So yes, we get "snowed or iced in" on occasion.

I just placed my orders for my projects. I'm making a scarf for a wonderful friend whom just graduated nursing school. She is a mom of 4, has ailing parents at home, and had a very rough year last year. She finished school anyway and I wanted to show her how proud I am of her and congratulate her with a scarf (she gets Loro Barranquero below). My husband has been wanting an ear-flap hat forever so I got the yarn for that (Stonechat). Finally, I have a tradition of making a scarf for little man's teacher each year. I think her yarn is especially luscious (Plena).

After getting over my mental block about my yoga bag, I think I can finally focus on these projects.

Currently loving Jimmy Beans Wool web shopping. I can't get decent yarn around here so this is quite a luxury at my fingertips. 
Pattern free at Ravelry.
While I wait for my order, I started a running headband with leftover wooly yarn. Should wick very efficiently and is spun oh-so-smoothly, not like the scratchy material most people associate with wool.

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