Monday, October 22, 2012

getting my steps in

We had a wonderful weekend filled with good exercise, pumpkin patch activities, and ColorFest in Mentone. Definitely got my steps in Saturday. It was as much as our daily steps on our NYC trip (averaged 24,000 steps). Saturday, I got 25,843. Woot. I got up early and got a 40 minute run in. Then we headed to Down on the Farm. There was pumpkin picking, playing around, and a corn maze. Oh the corn maze!!! I think that accounted for 17,000 of my steps. No lie. What a beautiful day it was. So much fun. Highlight reel:

Westley (the boy), me, and Buttercup (lovely, dear stepdaughter). Does this shadow make my butt look big?

Westley and the Walrus. You pick it, you carry it. Westley got a big'un.

We painted our pickin's. Mine, the Walrus', Westley's, & Buttercup's. We'll carve them this weekend.

Fun on tricycles.

Ole crazy, indeed.

The corn shooter. Very cool.

Steady. In perfect balance.

The boy and I  on the hayride.
But the icing on the proverbial cake? We had to find 6 stations in this corn maze and get our card punched with 6 unique punches to enter a drawing for $100 gift card. Well, we didn't HAVE to but it was so much fun and we found ourselves getting all competitive about it. I even took my shoes and socks off and waded through the mud for the #1 station located around the right side of the flower. So where did I get all my steps? Ta-Da:

Da-yamn! It was fun (and hard).

In training news, I'm on week 5 of my 5k Your Way Training, you know, for the race I did 2 weeks ago. My next race is Thanksgiving, also a 5k. I'm supposed to be doing 30 minute runs this week according the schedule but the schedule assumes I'm running a race this week. Not quite sure what to do and was unable to find another training schedule to suit me. I was going to just do 40 minutes this week but got derailed today. It was quite warm outside and I was under-hydrated. Not a stellar day. I managed almost 20 minutes before feeling nauseous. I know I wasn't the only one feeling it because the pup was dragging at the end too. We still got about 3 miles total in so not too shabby considering. I slowed before it got the better of me.

So, what to do next? I think I'll start training for a 10k. I'll definitely be ready for the 5k in November and could get ready for the next big thing. I think that might do. We'll see how my next run is.

So, I talked about having to save for things before I buy them in a previous post. It's funny, because right after that post, after I sent that to the universe, our finances rearranged themselves and I suddenly have enough money to go to the running store to be properly fitted. All "The Secret" like. Very cool. Now, I just have to find time in my schedule to get to that store. You hear that Universe? I need something relinquished from my schedule this week. Lol. Things like that have been happening a lot lately. Things just working out for the best. Sometimes, I just have to stop and remind myself that most of what I worry about never comes to fruition. And when I forget, I have a really good friend who reminds me of that.

In blogging news, I really like this dynamic view I changed to but it's just not going to do. I love how it looks, presents, and organizes itself in a very clean way. BUT I'm so very limited to some other things I want to make functional in the header and side bars. In addition, you can no longer view the photos in a slideshow. It opens one at a time on a page different from the blog, making you leave the blog post all together and then having to do back. Bleh. It's only been a week, but I will have to redo it again. All in good fun.

Finding joy in:
~time with family
~walks with doggies
~how things always work out for the best. Which reminds me of something I saw on Facebook today from North Shore Yoga: "It will all be okay in the end. It it's not okay, it's not the end." Love that.

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