Thursday, October 18, 2012

it's a beautiful fall day


Loving the gnarled wood and oh-so-colorful foliage.
Yesterday I was trying to decide how to fit it all in. As always, life rearranges itself to let it all fall in place. I decided to do it all. I had to decide, prioritize, and figure out how to do my work but it all worked out.

The husband, as always, stepped up. He let me sleep in this morning and took care of all the before-school duties. What a luxury on a weekday! I got up and ran 3 miles in 35 minutes with Shine (doggie #3). It felt really good. It took me a little longer than I scheduled in my mind because I didn't account for warmup and cool down. No matter. I just wasn't able to shower before my hike(ewwww). I was still on time for my hike...

I was invited to meet some newish friends at Desoto State Park and we hiked just short of 4 miles. What was really cool was that we went on a trail I forgot about (orange & blue trails), what was doubly cool was getting to know my new friends better. What a fun, lively group. Maggie (doggie #2) accompanied me on this one and had a really good hike too. That just left Holly (doggie #1) and she got a night walk with the husband.

Maggie in anticipation of her hike.

I have to work really late tonight to make it all work but it's a small price to pay for some good fun, company, and exercise. So thankful.

The only thing I didn't fit in today? Some restorative yoga of the Yin variety. My body could've really used it. But just as I realized this, guess what happened? My friend called and cancelled tea that we were going to have tomorrow. It was very disappointing in its own right... but all in all worked out for everybody involved. Tomorrow I have time for some private, restorative yoga as well as my other commitments. It all worked out.

I'll just close with some gratuitous photos of the kid and doggies.

Holly and the boy. Best of friends.

Shine, Maggie, the Boy, & Holly.

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