Friday, October 26, 2012


Yesterday's shoe store excursion went quite well. Fleet Feet was mostly stocked with the two brands I was most interested in: Mizuno and Montrail. I loved them both for different reasons but ultimately went with the Montrail Badrock Outdry.

Most of my outdoor activity and exercise revolves around hiking and thought this was the best choice for running, hiking, walking, and trail running. They keep my feet dry. Because most running shoes "breathe" through the top/front of the shoe, I usually have very wet feet by the end of my sessions. My only disappointment was in that they didn't have an obnoxious color for this particular style.

The best purchase of all was some yummy wooly socks. I have a penchant for well-spun wool and found some pre-made socks that I like. A lot. I should just knit me some but if my last pair of mittens are any indication, I'm not confident I could get them the same size. The best part (and worst)? They're phasing out the smartwool ones so I got them BOGO. I actually like these better than the smartwick ones that they seemed to like.

Goes well with penguin pajamas, yes?
I was feeling quite sorrowful this morning so I had the Walrus drop me off at the Lost Falls Trail head. I went for a short hike followed by a very short run and walked the rest of the way home, totaling about 4.5 miles. My feet aren't used to the support and I changed my running stance so I got achy pretty quick. It was a beautiful morning nonetheless and enjoyed my time alone immensely. It also gave the shoes a good test run. I really like them but the left shoe made a clunking noise the whole time. The kind of noise like part of the sole is loose or you have a rock lodged in them. Neither which was apparent. My right shoe was perfect. I'm going to call the shoe store today and see what they say. From what I can tell, they're pretty good about making sure you're satisfied even after you leave the store so I'm not worried. It's all good. It always is, isn't it? Best of all, in spite of a very dewy morning, I came home with very dry feet! :-)

By the end of my time alone, my sorrow turned into resolve. A stronger resolve to get healthy and stay healthy.

Thankful for:
~A healthy family
~The great outdoors
~Lots of good Halloween fun this weekend.

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