Thursday, October 4, 2012

self-fulfilling prophecy...unsubscribe please

I often hear people say or write things like why bother avoiding fast or junk food or why bother exercising.... Along the same lines as "eat well, exercise, die anyway." Aside from these sentiments trying to be humorous, I don't think anybody is trying to belie death.

I'm certainly not. In fact, I think it's on my to-do list right after finishing laundry. Ha. See what I did there? Laundry's never finished.


All kidding aside, once you witness somebody dying a long horrible death from cancer or somebody surviving 5 major heart attacks (& ultimately dying) (I) want to do better. The two people I've witnessed succumbing to these ailments was from their own poor habits. And I'm related to them. I'm not saying heart attacks and cancer can always be avoided but there's certain illnesses that can certainly be avoided by not smoking, eating well, and exercising. I want to be better and healthier.

It's not death I'm afraid of but getting sick. Life that's less than what the beauty of this world has to offer is less than appetizing. And expensive.

My family often reminds me that some of my ailments are hereditary and there's nothing I can do about it. Truth be told, the only thing I truly inherited was some really bad habits. I can see where I take after my mom and where I take after my dad. My mom is no longer with us. After 50+ years of smoking, lung cancer took her life. She suffered from fibromyalgia before that for 15 some odd years. She tried occasionally to do better but would never give up smoking and wouldn't consistently treat her body right. My dad is still with us but is not well. He's succumbed to diabetes, heart trouble (already had 5 bypass surgery), and the latest is Parkinson's. Although "they" don't know the true cause of Parkinson's, I see the decline in my dad and for him (I repeat, for him) his poor inconsistent eating habits and inconsistent exercising habits, has certainly not made life any easier. Just like smoking never made anything easier for my mom.

Will I avoid all of this? Time will tell. But you know what? Things like smoking. They don't make anything better by doing it. So why do it? I never have. Probably thanks to my mom and grandma who demonstrated to me at a very young age how disgusting it is and how hard it makes life. It's expensive. It smells. And the doctor visits, bronchitis, and un-cleanliness. NO thanks. Where I can do better? Being more consistent with exercise, spending more time with life-affirming friends and family, and eating to nourish my body certainly can help. It certainly can't hurt. And if I do ever have to have treatment for anything horrible, I think my body will be strong enough to handle it better and faster. I have a multitude of real life examples that prove that every day.

Speaking of running. I'm still evaluating this. I'm really enjoying it right now but can see the toll it's taking on my body. Already. I'm going to give it some time and do it while I love it. Of course, mixing it up every now and then helps too. Keeping my body active and healthy is my priority.

Completed day 4 on week 2 of my running program today. 1 minute walk, 4 minutes run.  Why is that 1 minute walk getting shorter each day? Heheh. Tomorrow will be a rest day from running. I will be taking the bike out and practicing Yin Yoga. Saturday will be the same as today 1 min/4 mins. Gearing up for next week's 5k.

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